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Employment Opportunities

There are no vacancies at this time.

Skilled Volunteer Opportunities

  • Skilled volunteer opportunities will be posted here. There are no vacancies.


Membership is explained in our constitution, which can be download here

The Flat Out Membership Application Form can be downloaded here-Flat Out Membership APPLICATION FORM template

  • Individual Members: Individual women are eligible to be Individual Members of Flat Out subject to the provisions of Flat Out’s Constitution.
  • Organisation Members: Incorporated associations or organisations which are women’s organisations, managed by and providing services to women consistent with the objectives of Flat Out are eligible to be Organisation Members of Flat Out, subject to the provisions of Flat Out’s Constitution.
  • Associate Members: Flat Out employees, women and organisations not otherwise eligible to be Individual Members or Organisation Members are eligible to be Associate Members. Associate Members are entitled to attend and participate in meetings of Flat Out but subject to applicable law, do not have a right to vote.

Public Forums and Events

Support Our Work

We value your support and participation in our work in the following ways:
  • Promoting and attending public forums and events.
  • Promoting and participating in our annual Effective Advocacy Training Program.
  • Supporting our community education work by distributing our published materials.
  • Organising a grassroots fundraising event on behalf of the organisation (please email )

Make a Financial Contribution to Our Work

Donating to Flat Out allows us to continue our individual and systemic advocacy work. Your contribution, however big or small, supports our work, and empowers us to advocate with and for criminalised and imprisoned women in Victoria. All contributions are tax-deductible, and honoured in our Annual Report.
If you would like to make a financial contribution you can make a tax deductible donation at