Flat Out & CHRIP's Effective Advocacy Training Calendar is Now Available

The Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People (CHRIP) is running its 5th annual Effective Advocacy and Activism Training Program in 2014. The program is open to all legal and non-legal advocates and community members, and has a focus on individual and systemic advocacy around prison human rights issues.

CHRIP is a project of Flat Out, focusing on education, community capacity building and systemic advocacy. The work of Flat Out and CHRIP builds on the intrinsic connections between service delivery and systemic social change work that has been present since Flat Out’s inception. This model ensures that the individual needs of women who are criminalised, imprisoned or recently released from prison are met alongside work to address broader structural issues such as poverty, institutional racism and violence against women. Flat Out is a state wide support and advocacy service for criminalised and imprisoned women. Flat Out’s vision is that women are not imprisoned; women’s rights are understood and upheld; and there is a compassionate response to personal and social trauma.

Our up comming sessions include:

Effective Use of the Media

Tuesday May 6th, 9:30am-12:00pm, in Flemington $25/$40

Trainers: Amanda George, prisoner advocate, lawyer, activist and Flat Out Management Collective member &

Anthony Kelly, CEO Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre and activist

Content Overview:

  • Effective/strategic media
  • Examining different mediums including print, radio, television, social media, online
  • Resources, examples, etc.
  • Getting the story YOU want out

Working with the Person who is Suicidal (PreSAP) – An Introductory Workshop

Wednesday June 4th, 9:30am-4:30pm, in Melbourne $40

Trainers: Katherine Fairest and Tom Hall, NorthWestern Mental Health

Content Overview:

  • Provides a framework to identify and assesspersons who may be at risk of suicide
  • Assists participants in choosing an appropriate intervention
  • A practical, person centred approach: engage, ask and support


Given the high incidence of self-harm and suicide inside and beyond prison walls, this training is designed to equip advocates and self-advocates with skills and knowledge to support their work.

The Effective Advocacy and Activism Training program has been designed with legal and non-legal advocates and community members in mind. The sessions have a focus on increasing our capacity to undertake individual and systemic advocacy that upholds the rights of criminalised and incarcerated people.  In particular, they reflect our concern with the nexus between homelessness, drug and alcohol use and criminalisation.

Feedback on CHRIP’s training indicates that the Effective Advocacy Training develops and enhances the advocacy skills for those working alongside criminalised people as well as those experiencing homelessness and/or substance misuse. As noted by a previous participant:

"I find the CHRIP trainings very informative because they're based on real issues in the criminal justice system. The speakers are all very experienced; there is a collaborative respect and urgency in addressing issues presented. Not only have I gained valuable information."

You will find the calendar and registration forms attached but you can also download it here for more information on these sessions.



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